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w3R1 what's that worry all about


completed w3r1 on tuesday( last night). was dreading the 3 min run with the problems I've been having with calves/ side of shins. well, both the other half and myself smashed it !!. in fact, we both said we could have done some more. didn't tho. must do as directed. I have noticed some swelling between my right calf and shin tho, quite tender to the touch, I have been massaging and it does seem to dissipate some what. anybody else had this problem?

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Great run you guys. As for the swelling... ice it and consider taking an extra rest day... it’s best to take heed of these things rather than push through to injury... keep an eye on it and make the right decision at the time.


Just about to start week 4 tomorrow. Had issues with sore shins to start but changed running shoes and now wear compression socks up to the knee which seem to help. Pacing myself better made a difference too x

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Jazzyd

Top tip, if you don’t already know, keep those socks on after a run.

thanx for the replies. it's all getting better. completed w4r3 today with a little sprint at the end😁

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