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I was doing fine and did my first W2 run outside last Saturday without problems. Due to other commitments the next time I ran was Thursday and it was my first time on the treadmill. Both knees and one ankle started hurting early on and I finished in a lot of pain. They still hurt today (Sunday), I haven’t run since. Any ideas where it’s all gone so wrong? I do suffer from chronic neuropathic pain (12 years) in my hip but have been reassured by specialists that I can and should exercise because it won’t make it worse. I’m feeling a bit deflated because I wanted to progress with this.

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i can see feel what you are feeling right now

we want to do so much but some time our body is sending some signals to us ,,, the pain is kind of the same signal

lets answer your question - about where it is going wrong

there are couple of reasons

1 the change from outside to treadmill

Running on treadmill is not completely different from Road or outside running ,,, but it is not the same ,,,

many concepts changes like ,,,

pace control outside is by us as compare to on treadmill it controls our pace ,

the pressure point changes

the form changes

the running technique changes

the upper body movements changes

2 The Impact of change

Many a times this impacts on our body make many different muscles , We use different muscles in different activities like we use different muscle in walking as compare to running and as compare to cycling ,,, so when we use these different muscles and if we are using them for the first time then it is suppose to be sore ,,, i might be wrong here but this could be possible reason

SO what should you do >?

i suggest recover completly ,,, do not attempt to go in for any run unless you feel you have recovered well

recovery is the key ,,, if you ignore it ,,, you might end up in injuring yourself more

use RICE





IF your pain dont go of in next 2 day ,, you should see the doc

Bee strong

keep strong

keep going



It depends what type of pain you have, if its aching it may be just new muscles/ joints working that haven't done much before and it will ease with rest, hydration and as you get fitter. I wouldn't run till it stops hurting. It could also be your footwear, are you wearing proper running shoes which will cushion your joints. And also, is your heel touching the ground first when your foot lands, I find treadmill running makes this harder than running outside and its easy to find you are landing your whole foot flat onto the belt which is quite jarring to your joints.

Thanks for the replies. I am going to rest up and recover and since I’ve joined the gym now I might start with brisk walking on the treadmill to get used to it and exercise bike to strengthen knees. Maybe it’ll take a bit longer to achieve but at least I’ll be getting stronger and fitter in the meantime. Maybe I’ll take some classes to get generally fitter. To cheer myself up I’m going to decathlon to buy some gym gear this afternoon!

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