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How can 3 extra minutes make such a difference?!


First run of week 8 this morning, having had a really good 25 minute run last Monday in the last run of week 7. Due to work commitments it’s been 3 days since I last ran but I felt confident as I set out to do 28 minutes for the first time and I was KNACKERED by the end of it!! How can 3 extra minutes make such a difference?

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It probably didn’t make that much difference, sometimes for no reason a run is effortless and somethings just the opposite happens... sounds like today was one of the latter. Maybe the confidence made you run slightly faster? Great job completing it.


Speed...maybe...excitement...holding your breath...HUGE Well Done!


It is probably not the extra three minutes, more likely the work commitments.

I always find it strange that many people expect their runs to be consistent, when there are so many significant variables in their lives, which all impact on performance.

Well done, you did it.

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