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I think I'm going to have to give this up for a while and that feels rubbish.

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It seems like my only option. And I really don't want to because I'm loving it but it seems like everything's stacked against me right now.

1. I have fibromyalgia and I'm noticing more stiffness and aches and painful bits that I can't ignore any more. Not just in my legs but also back, neck, shoulders. I think I'm putting my body through more than it can handle.

2. I have asthma and the cold air (which is my main asthma trigger) is making it difficult for me to breathe properly.

2a I can't run on a treadmill at the gym because of balance issues

3. I'm having surgery for endometriosis in a month so I'll be out of action for a few weeks anyway.

I hate the feeling that I'm giving up but I don't see what else I can do. I feel like I'm going backwards and struggling to do things that were easy a couple of weeks ago. I feel furious with the universe right now. C25k has really lifted me. I've felt stronger and more able than I have for years. People around me have noticed the difference in me. And now I feel like I'm back at square one.

Maybe I could start again in the spring. By then I'll be further down the road on my weightloss journey so less strain on my body. I've lost just over 2.5 stone since July but still have a fair bit more to lose. I should be recovered from surgery. And it'll be getting warmer so less of an issue with my asthma.

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Listen to your body mate. You're still a hundred country miles ahead of everybody on the couch, and utmost respect for that. Maybe take up something highly beneficial like swimming over the winter months then come out all guns blazing again in the spring. You'll absolutely smash it then!

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racheles78 in reply to THPP

Thanks. I swim anyway and I love it but I've been a swimmer all my life, used to compete when I was younger, and for all I love being in water it just doesn't challenge me. It's that challenge I need.

I'm maybe also feeling disheartened because I had a rubbish run the other day. I'm really wavering between "I need to stop this now" and "I'll maybe just try a couple more runs and see how they go before I decide". And then I remember that I can only do another few weeks before surgery anyway and start asking myself what the point it. Urgh.

Hi there, I’m sorry you are struggling. What week are you on? Did any of the weeks feel easier with regards to your fibro? I am only asking because if the first couple of weeks felt better there is no reason to move from them and you could go back and use them to keep your fitness up before your op. I totally understand if non of the weeks helped your fibro and if that is the case maybe it isn’t for you right now. On the asthma side of things I have heard that some people get resolution from that by starting to run with a buff covering their mouths to temper the cold air before it hits the lungs.

We also have a sister site that is great for keeping the fitness up with walking whatever your ability is.


Please feel free to come and join us if that will help as well.

Speedy recovery after your op

Rfc x

I'm only on week 3 (well should be starting week 4 today but because w3r3 was so bad I definitely need to do that again) but I did week 1 a couple of times before I felt that I could move on. I was actually ready to move on way before I did but had no confidence. Week 2 was a breeze and so were the first 2 week 3 runs.

I think one of my problems is momentum. I'll get into the swing of things and then health will get in the way. So I had an 8 day gap between w3r2 and w3r3 because I was in bed unable to move with endo problems. So I don't have consistent periods of good health that are long enough to really progress.

Mouth covering is a good idea though, I'll give that a try.

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RealfoodieclubGraduate in reply to racheles78

Why not just try week one then week two, repeat back to week one until your op. They are a really good exercise all on their own then after recovery see where you are at. That is what I do when I am not feeling full of beans. I have osteoarthritis and if I don’t move for a couple of days I start to seize up, so I just tone things down when needed. Take care of you Rfc x.

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Hi racheles78, you have absolutely nothing to feel bad about. You have done so well and against more odds than most have to face.... You really are an inspirational character.

Of course you need to be kind to your body, especially in the cold weather. Wrap up really well and maybe just enjoy brisk walks? All helps to keep the legs ready for spring, without aggravating your existing conditions.

Do not give up.... Just adjust!

We're with you all the way... Keep going forward and keep us all posted! 🍀

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Hey... well done getting out there and giving it a go... and I’m pleased you benefited from it. You know your body and that surgery was gonna stop you for a while anyway. Great job on the weight loss. Try and keep yourself as fit as you’re able to, there’s plenty of low impact stuff you can do. Hope your condition settles down and surgery goes well. We shall be waiting to cheer you along when the weather improves, spring isn’t that long away.

Right, I've (kind of) made a decision. I've talked myself out of giving up - for now. I'm at work at the moment with my bag of running gear next to me. I'm going to knock off a bit early, go and repeat W3R3 then whizz home, pick up my swimmers and treat myself to a jacuzzi & sauna session at my gym. I'll see how today's run goes before I decide what to do after that. If it goes well, I'll move onto Week 4 on Friday and get as far along the programme as I can before surgery. And keep the jacuzzi and sauna sessions as a regular event to help with aches and pains. Even if I have to start from the beginning again after recovery, at least I can take pride in doing what I've done and I think I'll be more motivated to start again if I can pause on a high. If today's run doesn't go well I'll do what's been suggested and get out doing week 2 (and maybe week 3) runs until surgery. At least it's something and the fitter I am before letting the surgeon loose on me the better!

Thank you all so much for your kindness. I was kind of expecting a faux-motivational "get off your lazy ass and run - anyone can do c25k" response so the understanding I've had from you all has been lovely - and probably the reason I'm not jacking it in.

Sounds like an excellent plan! I hope everything works out for you, got everything crossed.

I stayed on Week 2 for ages. You don't have to move up a stage every week. A short run is better than no run. And C25K is not easy. You wouldn't feel so good after the runs if they were easy.

I did it! And not only did I do it but it was pretty good. Hard but hard as in "looking forward to this 3 minutes being over" rather than "I can't do this anymore". I think given that I had such a difficult w3r3 on Monday and there had been an 8 day gap between w3r2 and w3r3 I'm going to treat today's run as w3r1 and do 2 more before I move onto week 4.

Sadly I can't do the jacuzzi and sauna I'd promised myself this evening because I have other commitments I'd forgotten about but I'm going for a swim and sauna in the morning instead.

I'm feeling a LOT more positive than I was a few hours ago :-D

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Luv2sk8 in reply to racheles78

Well done! I am so pleased to hear this. Look after yourself x

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Demanda1962Graduate in reply to racheles78

Brava! You’re an inspiration. Good luck with the op x

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Iv started doing yoga and Thai chi along side this I am about to attempt week 3 on my next run. I’m asthmatic and have back problems and apparently I’m really stiff.

The yoga may be something you could look into it really helps teach you to breath and will eventually aid flexibility. It’s not so much cardio but works your body and keeps it moving.

I went to the dr about my asthma and have been given a steroid inhaler which seems to help it’s not too cold where I am at the mo but I know as soon as it is il struggle too and also can’t use a tread mill. Lots on here have suggested a Buff so il be investing one of them and see how I go.

Good luck with your op. Just stay positive there are things you can try now you have started exercising it would be a shame to stop.

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racheles78 in reply to Pinkybee

Good advice, thanks. My gym does a yoga class on a friday after work so I've just booked myself onto it. I did try it before but I was a lot bigger then and not very confident and I was frightened off by all the beautiful people!

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PinkybeeGraduate in reply to racheles78

Don’t be put off I feel like that in the gym with the men and their weights I just try ignore it all.

I’m please you are going to try it. I like that with yoga you just do what feels nice and adapt things where you need to. Speak to the instructor they should help.

Enjoy I hope it goes well 😁

Good luck with your surgery and look.forward to hearing from you in the spring. Well done with weight loss. It's not easy I know

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