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App/Fitness Band recommendations?


I am currently running on a treadmill which is super smart and not only gives me my speed etc., it also tells me my heart rate. Because I am considerably overweight I like to check this several times during both the running and walking segments (to check it's not too high/coming down well). Can anyone suggest an app/fitness band that will be able to do this for me when I'm not on a treadmill? Also ideally one that can tell me what speed I am running at any given time? Finally, is there an app that can map out a (say) 5k run for me, in my area, in advance? I downloaded MapMyRun but that seems to only be able to record a run that you've done (although its entirely possible that this isn't the case as I'm not very tech-savvy). Thankyou!!!

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I have had a succession of Garmin watches over the years, and now have records stretching back to 2005. They do all (and more) than you need. You can have a screen which shows Minutes per Mile - the most useful - your heartbeat, distance, time etc. I currently have the Garmin 235 which has an inbuilt heart monitor. The previous ones needed a chest band, but this is much more convenient. Use can use them indoor and out and they add a lot more to the enjoyment of exercise, and are a great way to monitor your improvement (or not) over the years. I got my latest at Chain Reaction (a cycle site) for about £200 - but worth every penny.

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