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Thank you so much for the motivational messages.

Having reflected I really am not going to give up. I will try again. I think there has been 2 issues for me. 1 = I have probably not been walking "briskly" enough to date in between runs. And 2 = the next day after this run, I came down with a chest infection. In fact, I still have it quite badly. I am guessing my struggle with my breathing pace was down to that. I did have a sore throat when I went out on the run but thought nothing of it.

I am due to run again tonight but am struggling to breathe and it feels like I have a heavy weight on my chest. If I wait until my chest is clearer, how far backward will I go?

I won't give in....if it takes me twice as long as anyone else, even 3 times or 4.... at least I am still getting out and doing more than ever before. Plus it's beneficial for my netball - I know gradually I am getting a bit fitter. I can tell during matches.

Thanks again everyone!

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If your recovery will take a week, you should be fine by repeating just the last run. I you need more than 2 weeks, I'd suggest repeating whole last week. But I am not an expert ;)

By the way, it won't take you longer than me :P So no worries, it is lifetime journey, not the race. We are out there, running. This is all that counts ;)


Don’t worry about anything and don’t force yourself on - chest infections can be very nasty things. This could be an ideal opportunity to work on style and stamina for a bit - pick up on pace as your breathing improves. I’m on my seventh repeat of week 1, so you’ll still be finished long before me lol !


No shame in repeating runs. Because of illness, I have doubled up on all runs from Week 3 through to Week 5. Now on Week 6 and flying through it, and the doubling up really benefitted me and gave me more strength and stamina.

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