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Postgrad run 3 : still sightseeing, but in France


Not as exotic a location to me as Belgium, since I'm French. But it was good to be home even for a short stopover before heading back to Switzerland.

This here is the cathedral in Troyes. We didn't even have time to visit inside !

I'm realising tonight that I'm particularly proud to have been running this morning. The hotel bed and my back didn't agree and I slept about ninety minutes last night. I'm amazed that I actually went out and ran at 7:00 in the morning, before church, and even more amazed that these 30 minutes helped turn my grumpy, tired and painful self into an approximately sociable and not too unfriendly human being. My back felt relaxed as well afterwards.

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Well done running after that night... I’d have been shouting at reception!

Your trip has me thinking chocolate, beer, cheese... I may have to book a flight!

HillsEverywhereGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Yes, food was a big part of our trip - all that plus Belgian potato chips 😂 don't tell my Swiss friends but after 10 years in Switzerland I still think French cheese is better !

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to HillsEverywhere

Belgian or Swiss chocolate would be a close call, French pretty good at that too! Cheese I’d go French after a few British favourites and has to be Belgium for beer.

First time I went to Brussels I was asked what I drink and I said that when travelling I often went for a Guinness as it’s the same everywhere but as I was in beer heaven I’d try anything. The client ordered me a dark Trappist ale and it went down really well, as did two more in quick succession over lunch... of course Guinness isn’t 14% and the difference became evident when it was time to stand up, much to his amusement. Slept that off and started work the next day 😂

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