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Running lapse...

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Forgive me runners for I have sinned...

I haven’t ran for almost 4 weeks, due to holiday (way to hit to run) and man flu when I got back, just getting over this now and need to run!

I graduated just before going on hols and felt fab, but I know I won’t just be able to jump back in, so help needed!

Thinking about starting week 4 or 5 again to see where I’m at, any advice on this gang?

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Welcome back... you won’t be far off where you were... I’d try W5R3, W6R3 and a week 8 run to get back to 30.

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A gentle jog with no great expectations and the readiness to stop if necessary, is the only way to start back after injury, illness or any other layoff.

See what you can manage and make plans accordingly.

You may well surprise yourself but slow and steady wins the day.

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Why not just go for a run and see how you do? Nice and steady, stop when you need to? 😀👟👟

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I hope you've recovered from the Man Flu, you poor thing you..... 🤧🤒💪

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