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First bling


I took part in my first 5k race (as distinct from parkrun) this morning. Of course I was only interested in racing against myself but there was a finisher's medal so I now have my first bling :) Haven't got my official time yet (parkrun would have it done by now!) but although I was a wee bit slower than my average, it was such a good run.

I really needed it as I hadn't been able to get a full 5k in for a couple of weeks until Friday, just shorter runs but in very hilly country roads in Wales, not the flat coastal paths I'm used to, and on Friday it showed because I had to stop after 24 minutes and walk as I was really feeling my right calf and feared I would injure myself. After walking another 24 minutes with a few stretches etc my calf felt fine again and I ran another 15 minutes (ache/pain free) which meant I had put 5k worth of running into my legs albeit not in one go.

I tailwalked at parkrun yesterday as I'm too new a runner to do 5k on consecutive days. Maybe that's why I was so nervous driving to Forfar this morning, as although I'd done some running I hadn't run 5k non-stop for over two weeks. But you know what? It was great :) Really nice, flat run in woodland round Forfar Loch. I ran all the way and even speeded up a bit at the end and had a bit to spare so I reckon I can be a wee bit braver with my pace next time.

And there were guide dog puppies everywhere.

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Congratulations on the 5k and first (or many) piece of bling. Happy running

How wonderful ArthurJG! It sounds like a lovely run, good for you! 👏👏👏👏 You know you’ve got the distance now, no trouble! 😀😀

ArthurJGGraduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks. I knew I had the distance before as I ran on to 5k on my graduation run (took more than 30 minutes though, still does) and I've done several parkruns and training runs of that distance. I was just concerned that I may have lost something while I was only doing short (if steep) runs. But the difficult run on Friday seems to have dealt with that. Glad I did it rather than saving up the calf problem for today! Today was great, a fraction slower than I'd like but thoroughly enjoyable.


Congratulations Arthur! First of much more bling I am sure! 🏆

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