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Stepping stones - and cramps!


I finally left the comfort of Week 9 run (won't miss "you and Julie"!) and tried the Stepping Stones podcast. It was TOUGH! Yikes! I could barely keep up with the pace but I did feel like a real runner and I was very proud of myself when it was done.

But...I had a side cramp in the last 5 minutes. I pushed through since I was so close to the end but I don't know how to deal with it if it happens again - and earlier in the run. I couldn't slow down (since I had to keep up with the 160bpm pace) - so how else to deal with it? I tried to breathe deeply but it clearly wasn't enough.

Given how tough I found it in general and the cramp in the last minutes, I'm nervous about my next run on Monday. Any words of wisdom/encouragement?

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What is stepping stones

Stepping stones is the podcast to transition out of the Couch to 5k. For graduates looking for the next steps (no pun intended)


Cramps of any type come more often as you push towards the limits of your conditioning/fitness, so going faster may cause them to be more frequent. Runners world has some advice for prevention and on the move treatment.

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