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Well there I was waiting for everybody to leave at work before I went into the changing rooms and got kitted out for my 3rd run, why am I so paranoid about anyone seeing me?? Is it because I run like a nob? I do by the way... I consciously slowed down today into an almost shuffle, but I just don't feel comfortable in my own feet at the moment, I'm hoping that's gonna change??

Anyway, I did it, worked out to about 2.5 miles again, just happy I got out and done it, more so because now I know I can do it straight from work, I used the app komoot that was advised to me the other day, helped a shit load!

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Well done you

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Great job. That slow is pretty fast, 2.5 miles? Wow.

You’ll get used to the pace over time and it will serve you well to do so throughout your running after this plan.

Enjoy week 2

Thank you

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