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Wk4 R3 complete


I’m going away a city break and don’t want to miss a run (w5 R2) any tips to mentally prepare yourself for a tough run when your supposed to be on holiday? I just know if I miss one run I will throw the towel in and I’m really starting to feel that I might actually be able to do this and don’t want to fail myself. I’m also wandering where I can sign up for a 5k that gives you a medal at the end so no Park runs as I really want a medal (sad but true!!!) 🤣 Thanks 👍

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Finding a route can be the hardest bit... Strava has clubs and if you join one there you will see where the locals run.

For a 5k, start here findarace.com/

Good job on the run.

Holiday running is great fun. I was doing week 5 in Singapore. Have a good look at the map beforehand and plot a route. You can't get lost with a smart phone in your pocket. It doesn't matter if it doesn't go exactly to plan. You don't get disqualified from the program.

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