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Wk9 run 2 injury not going to graduate


I’ve been struggling on with pain in my left leg since week 7, so gave myself more rest days bewtwwen runs. However on Saturday did my best run yet - 4.2k in 30 mins. It was hard and in the last 5 mins my pain suddenly came on but I pushed through to the end with graduation looming, I’ve really struggled to walk since so went to physio yesterday, she diagnosed ilio bursitis. I’m having to put c25k on hold for now, feeling really disappointed 😢

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Ouch & ouch again!! Hope it’s not too severe & your able to get about? Your run will be there waiting for you on return. Speedy recovery & take it easy👍🏻


My knee injury forced me to abandon mission early on so had to go from the top again. On the second attempt I ran through pain in my ankle in the last stages and during the graduation run it became unbearable, ballooned like a little boat and forced me off running for about 14 weeks. Then I simply repeated the whole C25K and have been injury free since early 2017. The thing is, we don’t need to rush and compete, time is on our side and injuries are part of it. Get well and start from where you think you should start from, always listen to yourself first.

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Thank you, I’ve got over my disappointment and reflected on what I’ve achieved. I’ve never been able to run before, mainly because my body objects and week 1 was very challenging !! Im going to exercise by swimming (that’s my preferred sport) and only start running again, with short runs, when my body says it’s ok!

Very painful, I had three weeks off for hip bursitis myself. Just start again slowly, drop back a couple of weeks on the programme and really slow down, it’s genuinely not a race. Good luck and get well soon.

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