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Pushing it too hard in week 6!

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Just taken 10 days rest as pulled calf muscle 18 1/2 minutes into 20 minute run. Hoping to regain fitness and start back on week 4. Made the mistake of pushing myself rather than going real steady. Gutted as I was in the zone now feel I have to start again from scratch.

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It takes 2 weeks to start losing your fitness... you should be ok to resume week 6, though you may want to test the calf and do a shorter one.

Slow and steady is the best way through this.

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AcousticSi in reply to UnfitNoMore

Cheers for the tips slow and steady will hopefully prevail.

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Ah man hope you recover... Take it easy and good luck

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AcousticSi in reply to DoozerMcDooze

Cheers for the words of encouragement. Completed week 4 run 1 with no niggles or pain. Glad to be back in my running shoes at 49!

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A lesson for us all

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