Couch to 5K

Week 3

Looking forward to run 1 of week 3. Cant believe I've got this far. I'm amazed at how motivated it makes yoy. I run on Monday& Wednesday nights then either Saturday morning or Saturday night. I have lost 10lb in two weeks so I'm delighted weighing in at 17st 12 so that 10lb has taken me down to that elusive 16st something! After Wednesdays run I play doubles badminton for an hour instead of getting tired out after half an hour these last two weeks iv'e made it for the Whole hour!

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Good going Mark and a big weight loss as well. You must be feeling great. Hope wk3 goes well for you.


Thanks blueboots feeling very pleased with myself. Completed run 1 week 3 tonight. Need to run on the flat next time shins are killing me!


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