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So, now I know!😁

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Well, I may never be a 5k runner, but I can 'smash' 3.69k in 30 minutes 🀣🀣

As some of you may know I've had some issues with leg pain on my journey to be a runner. After two very painful runs I decided to give my legs a little rest....I actually didn't run for two full weeks!! Began to get scared that I'd forget how to do it..then, on Wednesday after work, just pulled on my leggings and said "Sod it, I'm off out for a run". Well, we walked a good long way first, hubby and me, about 3.5k as it goes! Had a good chat (for 'chat' read moan) about work mostly...then, ran home. Boy it felt good to be running, and aside from slightly sore feet, and that was mainly due to the walking, I didn't hurt anywhere!! Result!! I now know that I can definitely run 3.69 km in 30 minutes, new PB at it happens, though by a very small margin😁😁 and I'm happy with that, it might be more one day, but I'm a runner, and I'm proud of being able to say that!😊😊

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How many of your fellows - workmates, friends , rellies -- can run 3.69 K ???? I will dare to bet , none??? :)

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CakerunnerGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

Hmmm...I kind of like the idea that I can do something they can't....😁

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Well done. Feels great to be back after a break. Keep working at it and you’ll go further.

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