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W3 in the bag!


Morning fellow runners! After an initial bad start (running on the road and subsequent knee injury) I’m not loving this. It’s not easy, but 3 weeks in and I’m actually excited about getting to the gym for W4R1 later. What a transformation!! Get scared when I look ahead to future weeks and see the big step up in running time, but so far so good. Have a great running week!

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Well done you for persevering. Slow and steady wins the race ! Hope the next one goes well for you ⭐️

Take each run on its own merit SRS2102. Your doing fab!! Take care of those knees. Slow & steady wins this journey 👍🏻

Sounds familiar. I'm now running on grass at the local park to alleviate pressure on the old knees. So far it has made a difference


Don’t worry about those steps up... you’ll be ready. Good job on those three weeks... enjoy that session later.

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