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YES!!!!!!! week 5 run 3 DONE!

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Today I completed week 5 run 3!!!!! I remember looking at it in week 1 thinking there's absolutely no way I can do this. This programme is amazing because the run felt absolutely fine!!! I started C25K because I started doing agility with my dog & I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with her. Well yesterday we competed for the first time & we won one of our classes & came 2nd in the other & today I managed this epic run!!!!!! Absolutely buzzing!!!!

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Yay ! I think I’ll appoint you my hero for today 😀🏅

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You’re absolutely right... in week one there was absolutely no way you could do that run... look what you’ve done since though!

Great run and congrats on the agility competition results... what a weekend! Enjoy the next runs.

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Well done.

This programme is just a few runs, laid out in a progressive manner. It is your body that is amazing, adapting to the stresses induced by those runs.

Stay nice and slow for catches many out.

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well done i start w5r1 today

Well done you on both your achievements 👏👏👏

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That's so good. Running with dogs in any way makes it a lot more fun.

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