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Week 6 : Run 3


I did it! Wasn’t sure I would make it as I did my first ever gym session last night and my trainer did an assessment which included 1k run and 5k spin (bike) plus a lot of other stuff. Think I might have to change my running schedule going forward as my legs were tired today. I didn’t run out of breath but had to dig deep to keep the legs going. I kept the pace very steady and even so had a couple of moments during the run doubting I would make it but I carried on and got through those feelings. Even managed to pick up the pace for the last minute. Am pretty proud of myself. Good luck everyone else running today 😊

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Good job. Running 1k last night won’t have helped... careful there. I usually don’t do any workout and running in the same day, and as I hate the treadmill I’m safe in the gym!

Anyway, well done with that tough week... it’s all running now... the finish is just on the horizon. Enjoy starting to close this one out.


That's amazing! Pushing through when your legs want to give in takes some will power. Enjoy the rest before your next work out. Well done!

I did the same last night omg i got to 5 km in that time legs sore today

hudsondogletsGraduate in reply to Denny1212

Wow that’s brilliant. I have a way to go to reach 5 k 😊

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