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W9 R2 - Got my running mojo back.

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I have been struggling with my runs for the past couple of weeks, they have felt heavy and I haven’t been enjoying them. I usually only have one days rest between runs but I was home from work late last night and the weather was crazy so I skipped last nights run and decided to do it this afternoon instead. The two days rest seemed to do the trick my legs felt fresh and I felt I could have gone longer, was pretty chuffed with my pace too. Buzzing now so I thought I would share the running love with you lovely peeps. Bring on Sunday and graduation!

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I’m interested, does pace naturally improve as you move through the programme or do you really have to work at it?

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KLFrGraduate in reply to AngryFlower

I have found my pace has improved without me making a concerted effort to improve it. For the past while it has been my legs, not my lungs which have stopped me going any faster, I think having that extra days rest made all the difference to my pace yesterday. I think running once every 3 days once you get to the longer runs in the programme may be a good idea. I also think that starting out slow made a difference yesterday as half way through my 2nd km I felt like I had more energy and I managed to up my pace.

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