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Starting again!


So a few months ago I pulled a muscle in my back which was extremely painful (I did it at work not running) and that put a stop to my running and then I lost all motivation even after it had healed... I’ve put all the weight back on that I lost at the beginning of the year, so I’ve decided to start completely again from week one. Just been out and I can’t believe how unfit I’d become over the summer.

So I’m back at it and hopefully I’ll finish this time. Xx

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Hi Robyn,

Welcome back. The good news is if you lost that weight once, it will go again. The time you were out will have taken you back pretty much to where you started considering where you were at the time, so it’s not too surprising that you need to go back to the very start. You can, unlike first time, go into this with more self belief... you were doing it, so you know that you can again. You’ve done run one, well done. I assume there was no aggravation of the back injury, so it’s all positive. You’ve come back, so my feeling is that you will finish this, and you will be that person that you want to see in the mirror. Enjoy the journey all the way this time.

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Yeah I know I can do it! Currently my back is okay will see tomorrow haha thank you for your reply. Xx

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