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Strategy after 3 weeks off?

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I’m a recent graduate but have not run for 3 weeks due to holiday then returning to work (I’m a teacher working full time with 3 kids). Ive not found time with working in the evening or dealing with the 3 little ones who have all just gone back to school/preschool/nursery. I am a bit gutted I’ve lost my ‘me time’ and really want to prioritise getting back into it tomorrow night. Any tips on adjusting the time/distance or shall I just go for it on my usual 5k route? (I was managing 33 minute runs a few weeks ago). Thanks for any tips in advance.

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Ok... the good news is any fitness you have lost will be negligible.

It would be good to shorten one session and try to run it at a slightly faster pace, so maybe 20 minutes. This will inject some speed into your legs over time. You could then extend one of your other two runs a couple of minutes at a time... which would put more endurance into those legs. I’d leave the other run at the usual length for the time being. This would over time reduce your 5k time, and maybe would fit your life better?

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That’s great advice and ultimately what I want to achieve. Thank you :)

I'd graduated and five weeks after had a three week gap after an injury. My first run back, I didn't notice much loss of fitness. I did stick to my normal route and usual music so that it felt familiar. Hope this helps and good luck.

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