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W2 R2 - Motivation?!

Ooh I found it tough to put my trainers on today. I was meant to go out this morning before I went about my day, but the mind won over. At 5pm I gave myself a good push and got out that door.

The motivation I feel for my next run after I’ve just completed one is so strong, I just want to go out the next morning and give it my all, but I know that rest days are so important. The problem is, I really struggle then on the day my next run is scheduled. Has anybody else felt like this? What helped you combat it.

I tried to change my route around the park today so that there were a couple of “baby” hills whilst I was running, I live in a really hilly area so I don’t want to do my whole couch to 5k on the flat parks and then find I can’t make it up a hill!

On the whole though, I’m feeling absolutely amazing right now! I wish this runner’s high was permanent!!!

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Your doing amazing to still be at it ! Regardless of losing some motivation :) I must admit I have actually looked forward to my run each day after work, which I never thought I would ! But I know what you mean about the want to do it again too soon !!

I am running on a treadmill at the moment and also concerned about my lack of ability to tackle hills !! :) just keep going ! Some runs I’ve left 2 days between so don’t beat yourself up :)


Thank you! At the moment when I don’t want to run, I’m trying to remember how much I want to after my previous run.

I’m going to try and just add little hills into my runs each time and build it up, just like I am with the distance and see how I feel. Right now I’m on top of the world!


Well done... you beat the lack of motivation gremlin. Just keep forcing yourself out there and soon the addiction will start to kick in.

Are you doing other exercise on your rest day? That helps with the need to run!


There are always gremlins lurking around the corner trying to put you off. Some of them lurk in your house, hide your running kit or try to convince you that you can't do it. Be strong and ignore them if you can. Give them the elbow. Kick them out of the way. What ever you need to do, just get them out of your head and get out of the door on your run days. Not only will you have chalked up a successful run, you will ave the pleasure of knowing you defeated those pesky varmints!!!!

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Thank you! Just completed run 3, I wasn’t going to let the gremlins win today!

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