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Rather than W9 my post should really say week 18 due to a calf strain and a large amount of procrastination. Anyway on a positive note I have actually run for 30 minutes this evening....it may be at the pace of a slug but I have done it.....wish I could say I am enjoying it but unfortunately I don't (yet) but I have 2 more runs and I WILL graduate which is something that I will be very proud of. It will have taken me a lot longer than 9 weeks to complete the 27 runs but I can't believe that I haven't given up and ended up back on the couch permanently....the advice of take it slowly and believe in the programme really helped me....so thank you.............just 2 more runs to go until graduation :-)

3 Replies
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Well done on completing the 30 minutes Sooz! You know you have R2 and R3 in the bag, so prepare yourself for basking in glory up on the podium soon! Bubbly is on ice waiting for you! 🏃‍♀️🙌😀👏🥂

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Great job. You’re almost there and you’ve had to be determined. That couch isn’t having you back for more than a visit, you belong amongst runners.

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You will start to enjoy running Sooz31, you say that you run at the pace like a slug, well, that is still better than sitting on a couch watching TV or playing video games, not long now until you graduate.

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