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W9R1, done!!


After the difficult time I had getting through Week 8 (look at my post history...!), I'm a little bit stunned by how straightforward W9R1 felt?! It's got to be the weather, or the psychological effect the weather has on me. A lovely overcast 18 degrees, and the last 5 minutes were blessed with a light drizzle of rain - perfect!

A lot of things finally fell into place too; the standard advice 'don't start out too fast' really is true - I found that starting the run at the pace I know I would find myself slowing down to later in the run really helped, and not panicking and trying to speed up past other people walking the opposite way helped keep things nice and steady.

Definitely on the final stretch now!

Edited to add: I really must thank everyone who replied to my Week 8 woe-filled posts, at times I found myself getting weepy at the love and care people here are willing to show to complete strangers, all just trying to do the best we can at this running thing. This community is wonderful, you're all fantastic.

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Yay! You got this... enjoy your victory lap.


Nice one! The heat makes a huge difference. Just 2 to go, get out there and smash them!


Huge well done...now just relax into your last runs and cruise your way to the podium, where we will all be waiting.!

Well done! All ‘downhill’ to the finish line. You’ve got this, and we’re here to cheer you on! 👊💪🏻😀

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