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Completed wk1 last wk and thought time for a good rest in order to recover. Had 4 days off, stepped outside yesterday evening and was not too sure how it would go? Had to run 3 x 15 with a minute walk between each run. Totally amazed myself, did not feel stretched and run my best average splits and best km time on km 4. Completed just short of 9km 😁☺😁☺

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Well done. Is your plan the Audiofuel one? It sounds like it and is the one I used to get me to 10k some time ago. Have you seen the Bridge210k forum? Lots of people there that you’ll know 😀. No need to stop posting on here though.

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Hi Annie W55

I am on wk 2 of bridge to 10k, not checked out their forum yet but will do shortly. My long term journey is to complete a Marathon for charity as my sister was very nearly taken by cancer and her soon to be husband has recently been diagnosed also. I too have a hurdle to get over as i am an insulin dependant diabetic, i have a specific nutrition/hydration plan that i follow and i have to run with a co runner/cyclist just in case. ☺☺

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You will get there with your determination and incentive to do so. I am in awe. I hope everything works out for you and your family. Very best wishes to you all.

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