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W6R3 What ? How?

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Battled the usual urges to stop running early on, but there was actually a point where it was fun until the last 3 mins and then I hit ‘ I can’t do it’ for the first time and stopped running for a second, a quick you can do it dad from Zach got me going again. He is on for Calvin Kline underwear if he gets me to the end. Saw a meme today where the text said no matter how slow you are running you are still going to lap anyone sat on a sofa. The other half must be slightly proud of me as she washed the pots for me tonight 🤠

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See that “I can’t do it voice” was feeding you BS! Way to go Zach too... he’s got you, you’ve got this. Is other half doing the dishes after next run? I think she’s set a precedence there 😂

Great job.

Isn't it weird how some bits are easy and some bits are not! I find that too. I didn't however find my washing up done 😔

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