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NO SORE SHINS!!!! Week 7 Run 2 - I’m back!


So, just by way of an update for all those many posters who talk about shin splints............

After suffering, and reading the vast knowledge of advice on here, I took 2 weeks “off” following Week 7 run 1. When I say “off” I didn’t run. I continued to walk, some days up to 10 miles but at a slower pace and that didn’t usually affect me anyway but at least made me feel like I hadn’t given up.

I changed my trainers from my trusty super light Nikes to a new pair of Karrimor runners with more protection and cushioning. The man in the shop compared them to similar ASICS in construction but they were way cheaper as they’re less established as a running brand. Being shunned and outlawed by my teenage son is a small price to pay.

I bought a real sexy pair of knee length Compression socks requiring that I wore joggers rather than my usual shorts for my first run back.

I set off with trepidation, concentrating on shortening my stride and accepting the fact I’d be slower....... that can wait until I am further down the programme and “healed”.

I tried to concentrate on landing like a ninja nice and quietly (that didn’t work SO well, unless they have Elephant ninjas?).

And voila!! No shin soreness during my 25 min run :-)))). Success!!!! It’s early days and we’ll see how Friday goes, and trying to multitask and concentrate on footfall, stride length AND breathing at the same time for a man is VERY difficult as I’m sure you’ll understand. But....... touch wood so far.

THANK YOU all the posters who replied to my initial post, and all those who didn’t but just generally post advice independently or to others. If it continues to work then you’ve saved me from potentially giving up. And I still covered 2.86 miles in my 25 mins, so despite consciously shortening my stride and not having run at all for 2 weeks it didn’t actually slow me as much as I thought. Happy days, bring on the rest of the programme!!

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That is great news, I am really pleased for you,

That's great news! I hope it continues for you 😁

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