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Thanks for the shower


Having not been able to run for the last 2 weeks this morning,I finally felt my knee was strong enough to give it another try. It was raining quite heavy but that doesn’t deter me I set off and my knee felt fine I decided to run on the road as the running track I usually run around is grass and I thought it might be a bit slippery. All was going well until a lovely driver decided to deliberately drive straight through the large puddle I happened to be running past covering me from head to toe in muddy water which, nearly made my running bottoms fall down because of the weight of the excess water. I looked like someone from a bad 1970s sitcom.

Did it stop me? did it heck. Think I’m starting to enjoy this running malarkey. W6R2 I’m coming for you.

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What a mean driver, that wasn’t very nice of him. Well done for keeping going.


Sorry to laugh but your description did make me laugh, unkind thoughtless driver. Go you for not giving up. Sounds very much like you’ve got the running bug. 👍🏻😊🙌

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I can’t believe i didn’t swear. All this running must be making me chilled out.

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