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More in the tank


I've just finished run 2 of week 3 this morning even though I was a bit achy this morning from a burlesque chair class night I thought I'll give it my best shot anyway . I completed it and really enjoyed it as always but does anyone else find that with the last run of a session you feel like you can carry on and do more ? I did an extra minute I know I shouldn't have maybe it was because I had just done a bit of a downhill and felt it had made it easier for me

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I recall asking the same question at around the same point as you! The answers I got pretty much all said stick with the programme and don’t be tempted to do more. You’re building up leg strength and stamina gradually, and it’s risking injury if you overdo it without really being ready.

Sounds like you’re doing really well! It’s fun isn’t it? 🏃‍♀️😀🏃‍♂️

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I think that thought must have been in the back of my mind and one of the reasons I stopped . I did get annoyed on my first 3 minute run a lovely back straight lane and halfway through a bloomin van came up so I had to try and keep going on a very overgrown grass verge . I'm loving it never in a million years did I think I would be able to jog/run for more than a few seconds without passing out 🤣

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