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Disastrous run but lesson learnt and a question to ask


So what just happened? I went out late after a day of studying - it was still 28 degrees I had an achy knee felt generally blurrr and was super tired but I put the stepping stones pod cast on and off I went! Within less than 5 mins I was gasping I felt dreadful I hung on til the 10 min mark then stopped running - it took me a whole 1/2k to calm my breathing down! Determined though I walked to the beat then adopted the speed walking technique some other guys were doing - one shouted well done love that will do you better than jogging! So there I was speed walking to the beat with an occasional 2 second run catostrophising about this being the end of my running career and bemoaning how hard it is to overcome my health issues in an attempt to get fit when Laura pipes up - don’t worry if you didn’t make the run - make it a goal and well done for getting out there and a bad run is better than no run at all - it’s as if she knew!!! So that’s my lesson - I hate the heat I can’t run to my best ability in the heat but at least I’m trying! So my question is - what is this speed walking? Is it a hot weather alternative? Although the guys doing it looked knackered!! Anyone tried it? Keep getting out there guys! 🌞🏃‍♀️

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Know what you mean my breathing not as good on the stepping stone podcast. I think it’s because I’m concentrating on keeping time to the steps and my breathing rhythm gets out of kilter. I find putting my breathing front of mind rather than the steps sorts it.


When I did it last week my pace reduced as the bpm went up! I found it hard to actually hear the beat on the first track. I didn’t like and also felt Laura must be watching 🤔

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