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Another struggle


This morning was a struggle again following on from Saturday’s run. Saturday was legs and general tiredness. Today Out of breath after 5 mins and felt like not much in the tank. Pushed through and ran for 20 mins then walked to gain some recovery then another 10 mins run. It was 9am but hot again. Don’t know what’s going on. No problem running 30 mins on treadmill. I’m week 2 post grad. I don’t feel like I’ll ever run for longer than 30 mins at the moment!

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I had a similar issue and found going running in evenings is far easier for me than mornings. I posted this and it seems a split decision as some like mornings more and vicky verky.

Treadmill seems a lot easier, so add 1% incline helped.


Yeah I have 1% incline on treadmill. I run in the evening in the gym once a week Always prefer to get it out the way in the morning then I can eat at regular times. Couldn’t run after an evening meal although I run in the evening at the gym and have something light when I get in. Often out or need to relax in the evenings but I wouldn’t rule out trying it 😊

I am still struggling through the programme,no where near graduating..though did do one 28 minute run...I have found that some days I can do ok..some days I can't.. there are days I feel like my batteries have been taken out ! I think the effects of the heat can't be underestimated..we just ain't used to it !! 🔥🔥🔥


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