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Week 6 over

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It’s over and I couldn’t be happier

This was the first week where I really struggled and definitely took all my mental strength to get through these three runs

I don’t think the heat helps but also the back of my head thinking I’m near the end but not getting close to 5k in 30 minutes

I know a lot of you have said that’s a goal for the end of the programme but can’t stop the gremlins telling me I’m not good enough

For the first time I’m not excited for week 7, just feel I have to do it as part of my routine now which is good but week 6 has definitely knocked me a bit

Did anyone else feel the same for week 6? For people who have nearly graduated did you find your pace improved between weeks 7-9?

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Firstly great job on getting past w6. I also found w6 the hardest. Now it’s all long runs and I like them better

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Hiya! I hated week 6 and was so down about it and dreading week 7. But week 7 was fine. The longer runs allow you to get into a rhythm and you will find they pass along quite nicely. They’re not easy but not as bad as you’re probably currently thinking. I found each one was slightly easier as the week went on mainly because I could tell myself I’d done it before so I will reach the end even if it was tough going. Good luck with next week you’ll be golden!

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