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W8 R1 - managed 30mins!


So was only meant to run 28mins today but felt really good so managed to get to 30. Think I may have been able to do more too. Can’t believe it, I could barely run a few minutes when I started week 1! My question is, what do I do now? Do I abandon week 8 and start week 9? My ultimate goal is to get to 5k, I’m covering 4K at 30mins at the moment. What do I do next?

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Stick to the programme, you've got only two weeks left so it would be a real pain if you ended up injured so close to the end. And many have done exactly this and disappeared forevermore ☹️

And don't worry about the distance, you can focus on that after graduation. Slow and steady will get you through safely and it all helps to build your running legs. You're still a very new runner and it all takes time.

But you're doing so well and you clearly love the programme, just rein it in a bit 🙂

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