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Just completed W3D2 in my local park. W3D1 was done on a treadmill in the gym. I must say today’s run was way harder. Previous run in the gym was the first one I had done there.

Silly questions coming:

1: Is it usual for the treadmill to be so much easier than pavement and grass?

2: My timings seem to be longer per km I do the more into the C25K I get. Is this normal?

3: Should I be repeating W3 to improve my time per km before moving on to W4?

Thanks again 👍🏽

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Not silly questions at all. My 2p worth:

1. Treadmill will always be easier, so use an incline of +1 degree to make it a bit more like the road.

2. Yes it’s normal, mine were the same. You are learning to run slowly to conserve energy.

3. No need to repeat at all. This programme is not about speed. By the time you get to week 9 you'll be running non-stop for 30 minutes - it doesn’t matter how far you run in those 30 minutes, personally I only got to about 4.4km.

Good luck and happy running!

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Thank you so much 👍🏽

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