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Following w5r3 going well I should have breezed into w6r1 this morning but two things were different. I decided to run before breakfast (not done that before – a fasted workout?) and I had a few glasses of wine last night (not sure how that would affect me).

But the sun was shining, half my route was nicely shaded and Sarah was in good form. I ran the middle 8 minutes slightly faster than I intended (I was aiming for a slow jog) and all was fine. It's a measure of my progression that a few weeks ago I would have said 'there's no way you'd see me doing a Parkrun that early on a Saturday morning' yet here I was going out running at 8.30 am before the Parkruns start! :)

I pay attention to my legs and feet for signs of stress but there was nothing – maybe the foam roller massages are paying off?

Tomorrow's rest day will be difficult – I can't wait to do w6r2! I'll have to settle for a core workout instead.

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Well done 👍. I hated that run

in reply to cheeseheads

Thank you! :)

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