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W5r3 done


So proud of myself for completing a 20 min run this morning. It’s true what Sarah said, it’s mental not physical. I think I could have done a few more minutes... not many, possibly 3 or so. I usually go running in the evening after work but because I was off today thought I’d have more energy for the big run. Also noticed my body doesn’t ache as much in w5 as in the earlier weeks!

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Congrats!!! You should be proud. Now please don’t look past w6r1 cause it has a tendency to bite.

PaulaGullettGraduate in reply to cheeseheads

Oops too late I’ve alrrady looked! ... eeek!

just get past the first run and rest of week is easy. i just competed w6 today

Well done. I find that the longer runs r more mental than physical but i just keep kicking the gremilins away with every step and smile. X

How did you find this run? I completed w5r2 this morning and due to run 3 on Sunday morning! I am currently full of thoughts like what if I can’t run the full 20 mins x

PaulaGullettGraduate in reply to Louisejpeebs

There’s no reason why you can’t if you’ve done all the runs. I tried to concentrate on my music instead of the clock. Once I got half way I thought about 3 more songs to go. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t try and go too fast.

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Louisejpeebs

Well indeed, 'what if?' You just have another go another day! We do not all gather round shaking our heads and tutting.

Enjoy your run.


My body is moving better as well. I've lost a bit of weight as well so that's less weight on your knees. I usually go running in the morning but last night I couldn't get out till the evening. I was dreading it as I don't like running in the heat. However I supprised myself and did 5k quite easily. Happy daiz👍☺️


Well done. Great that you feel you still have a little left in the tank... that’s your body’s way of saying you are an athlete. 30 minutes isn’t far away now.


Brilliant! 🥉 that's your milestone run done! Such a great feeling. Enjoy 😁

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