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Addictive, isn't it?


When I started C25K it was solely with the intention of running for 30 minutes, just to get my fitness levels up. Whether or not I managed 5K (or 4K, or 3.5K) wasn't part of my thinking. During the nine weeks of C25K I got into the habit of running three days a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Since graduation I've kept that up and it's becoming part of my routine, so much that I'm juggling other stuff about so that I don't miss my run. This morning I was out for just under an hour, 5 minutes each warm up and warm down and a full 45 minutes running. It does become addicitve, doesn't it?

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It certainly is! I love run days even though I’m still doing the program. There is a sense of achievement and pride that boosts our spirits

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Even when I struggled a bit with the longer runs from week 5 onwards it was that sense of achievement that kept me going and I'm glad I stuck with it until the end.

Yes, it does seem to be. I haven't managed on motivation alone I can tell you!

My motivation, especially during the earlier runs, was a determination to just make it to the end, even when I was struggling. Now that I'm able to run for 30 minutes non-stop I'm a bit more relaxed about it because I know I can do it, so I'm under no pressure and can relax and enjoy the run.

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