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Well I got to week 9 run 2 then went on holiday to Salou for 10 nights hoping to run there. Well to cut a long story short I just chilled out on my hols and didn’t run. My question is now I’m back do I attempt week 9 run 3 or do I go back a few weeks ? Any advice would be appreciated :-)

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As weeks 7 and 8 are similar I’d say if you’ve had 2 weeks off it might be wise to do aim for the 25 min run but if you struggle take a mini breather, 60 secs ?and then make a judgment on how you did.

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Week 9 Run 3! 10 days is no time away really - bet you’ll be fine

I went away for 3 weeks and managed to repeat the run I did before I left

I'd go for the last run. What's the worst that can happen? Anyway, the holiday and rest will probably have done you a lot of good and you'll be raring to go. Not fast though, nice and steady 🙂

Good luck and enjoy 🤗

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I'd have a go at the final run.....! 😎

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Yeah, go for it, you can do it for sure - just take it slow and steady - good luck 😎

Thanks for all your comments - like you say I’ve got nothing to lose so will see how I go :-)

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It takes at least two weeks before you start to lose condition.

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I was the same r4ch3l, went on holiday for 2 weeks hoping to run whilst away.....was on W8 R1 when I left, was still on that when I returned!! Thought I would just re-do the last few runs again......got on the treadmill, without the app to tell me I was half way through, and did 28 mins.!! Personally I would try for your next run...you'll smash it!

Well I went and did wk9 run 3 this morning - steady pace and I competed it - yippee !! :-)

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vegasjoGraduate in reply to r4ch3l

Fantastic and congratulations....3 more runs for me then I'm all done too. Nowhere near the5k in 30 mins though, so that will be my next goal.

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r4ch3l in reply to vegasjo

I’m no where near the 5k in 30 minutes neither, but I’m sure I will get faster, I’m just concentrating on doing the 5k if o do it faster then that’s a bonus :-) - good luck with your runs 🏃‍♀️

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