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Achillies tendon injury 😡


Hi there, this is my first post but could do with a bit of advise... I started getting some achillies tendon pain about a 6 weeks ago but continued with the C25K plan. I completed week 8 as didn't want to be beaten but then stopped running as the injury had not improved and if anything was getting worse. After resting for 3 weeks (except for strength and flex exercises and gentle aerobics) I went for gait analysis yesterday and bought some proper running shoes. I went for a 10 minute run this morning and my achillies doesn't feel too bad. I am just wondering if I am doing the right thing and I am ok to try and build myself back up slowly. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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You've rested it for three weeks and it felt OK on your first run back so I'd say proceed with caution. Give yourself two days' rest because sometimes any niggles occur two days later and not the next day, stretch often and run again and see how it feels. If it feels no worse, then carry on slowly building up but if there's any worsening pain then stop immediately and go and see a sports physio for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The new shoes might make all the difference so fingers crossed.

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Thanks so much for the advise, I really appreciate it. Good idea, will take an extra day rest between runs and proceed cautiously. Easier said than done though as I just want to get going again now, but know I've got to be sensible and really really don't want any more problems! Yes, hoping the new shoes will help, got to be better than my cheep trainers, ha ha! Finger crossed and thanks again.

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Good luck and keep us posted!

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