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Oops had an argument with a dog owner


29 minutes into our first 30 min run and I was probably 100 yards ahead of 12 yo daughter. All of a sudden 4 dogs came running and jumping at me barking ... their owner shouted out don’t worry they are really friendly. It didn’t feel that way. I don’t mind dogs at all but saw red and told him that his digs were really intimidating and I wanted them on a lead before my 12 yo came round the corner. Never normally so assertive but on a lead they went!!!

The first run of week 9 was otherwise OK ... we made it!! 2 more to go and last run will be another park run. I then lose my running buddy for 3 weeks as she goes to her Dad a couple of hours after the park run. Not thinking about it yet 😢

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bad enough 1 dog annoying you on your run but 4 makes it really awkward, glad they did not bite you but still a bit annoying, Apart from that glad to see that the rest of your run went OK with your daughter accompanying you.


Well done for the run and for protecting your daughter.

Owners know their dogs. We strangers don’t. I treat any barking dog as a risk and potentially a threat. Fortunately only had a couple of encounters with anything but totally behaved dogs and owners.


Was a first for me out running. Have met a few dogs on my bike and feel a little less vulnerable on the bike! Thankfully my daughter had dropped off a bit and wasn’t running alongside me as she’d have been terrified


Oh that's a tough one. Hang on in, we will all gather around and try to keep you cheerful.

CKemGraduate in reply to Gran4z

Awww thanks and motivated to run solo!


I'm a dog owner and I get very annoyed by loose dogs. My dog is not good with others and loose dogs scare him and he starts to bark..... just because your dog is good in your eyes, it shouldn't be allowed to run loose in certain places. Paths especially. Most packs of loose dogs are not under close control, they are a pack and it's not right near runners, cyclists, walkers, other dogs. I saw a man fall sideways off his bike a couple of weeks ago as a big dog ran up to him on a path and barked. He was terrified! It then ran up to us. It was actually a young, friendly dog but it was not under control!!!!


Ooh that must have been a bit scary! Big well done for your assertiveness and completing that one! Good luck with your last 2 too! Almost there! ❤️


Your gut feeling was that they were a threat, our gut feelings are usually correct. It was all part of being a good parent, well done!

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