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W8R2 - mistakes made today

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Had a few too many drinks last night, didn't drink any water yesterday, feeling unmotivated, too hot, ran late (4pm), sunny route no shade, took a wrist bottle ( that was annoying to carry ). Only managed the run by doing it in 3 chunks with a 2 min break between each.

Cant say I enjoyed it, never found a rhythm and struggled like crazy, first time I've not enjoyed a run, but I can of course see why it was so difficult. Lesson learnt.

I think rather than do the next run ( W8R3 ), I should re-do this one first and get back on track. Enough whinging because I am actually loving it!! ( just not today ).

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We've all been there, sometimes it just doesn't 'click' and it's a miserable struggle. As you say, lesson learned. Good luck with the rest of the programme!


You know why it didn't go well. The lomger the runs and the hotter the weather, hydration is so important. I feel like I am drinking constantly and it is helping. I had a bad dehydrated run. Not fun. 😰😰


Don’t worry, just repeat that run to get back on track, you are doing so well!


No need to redo JoPo! You did it!! Move on and enjoy!! We are going to have celebrations, cake, champagne (hopefully πŸ˜‰) at other times in our life and hopefully we’ll still run! So well done! Enjoy W9! 😁😁❀️

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