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Hi Everyone,

First post today after completing W1R1 yesterday. I've had the app on my phone forever but finally got round to starting it after getting my Chrons disease under control and taking inspiration from my wife who loves the gym etc. I have a sedantary job, and hadn't done any more exercise than washing the car for a long time.

I found the run OK, but I think I may have gone a little bit too fast initially. I know I have to take it slow but in some ways it seems harder to run slower, things feel heavier if that makes sense ?? I've looked at some youtube vids on slow running techniques which I'll try out on the next one, but is it realistic to expect speed to increase over the course of the programme or is it more about running for longer periods.

A big test will be tomorrow when I've got the second run planned, as I'm planning on doing it in the morning before work.

I found the app really great, and it was funny as I seemed to have got my music synced with the intervals so as I was coming to the end of a run/walk the song was finishing !! Kept me entertained as I went round and round the rugby field.

Reading through the comments on here are really great and inspiring. I'm actually looking forward to the next one !



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Yes running slower can feel heavier. As you progress you will have to find a comfortable pace that will allow you to run for longer periods of time. But that is something that you will learn as you progress. Welcome to the group and good luck

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