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Elated and a little bit disheartened!


So completed wk8r1 this morning - really enjoying this whole experience, got my love of running back and very pleased, proud how it's all going BUT my niggle is I started c25k combined with weightwatchers to try and lose 2 stone plus and since starting the joint running/diet I've lost 9lbs but in the last 3 weeks nothing! I've really stuck to it all and am feeling a little bit low about it.

I've read all the posts re-how people don't lose weight and I can understand it. I HAVE lost 4.5 inches of my middle and I'm starting get shape in my body instead of lumpy, but I just feel as though it should show on the scales more.

Sorry guys, don't mean to start the day on a downer after my elation of completing wk8r1 in a pb pace/distance but I just had to get it out there 😐 x

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Hey. Well done for the run and the weight loss so far.

Sorry to hear the weight hasn’t fallen lately. I’m in the midst of trying to lose 5 stone and having a similar experience - fits and starts.

All I can say is “it is what it is”. Getting upset or annoyed by it just fuels comfort eating.

I’m trying hard to cut down on carbs and avoid high fat/sugar things. But I’ve been drinking beer watching football and eating too many sweet things.

Keep at it. The alternative is giving up and that certainly won’t shift the weight.

The shape changes will keep happening - I’ve got amazing calf muscles now and my thigh muscles are toning up!

Be happy x

lez69Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks for the advice, Jay. I'm determined not to give up, just having a bit of a wobble. Took a few years to put the weight on so no doubt will take more than a few months to get it off 😆

Onwards and upwards to wk8r2 x

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to lez69

I know how you feel.

As you probably know, our bodies are designed for feast/famine and store efficiently but hang on to the fat as long as possible. Makes shifting it a [expletive].

(This is why we crave unhealthy food in the autumn - our brains notice the changing length of day and drive us to build a fat store to make it through winter - and go naturally for salad/fruit in the summer.)

We’ll get there and running will help. Since running regular 4k and 5k runs its started shifting again. Hope yours does too.

Don’t be disheartened, it’s amazing your shape is changing and this must be because your building up muscle which will affect weight loss. Also I think there is an element of inflammation after each run as we have pushed ourselves hard and any fluid retention will put the pounds on. Focus on the body change that’s happening and eventually it will show on the scales. I am joining slimming world next week so It will soon be me shouting at the scales!!

I love the way my clothes are fitting now.... weight is important but it’s how you feel when you see yourself in the mirror and from what you were to where you now are must look amazing!!!! Keep at it I believe once graduated distance is the key for weight loss according to google here’s hoping😀

lez69Graduate in reply to Fernshome

Thanks all guys, I'm feeling better about it already. I think it's the whole cathartic process of verbalising it that helps and all the excellent advice.

Just keep swimming *replace with running* as dora says 😆 x

9lb is almost halfway, just keep at it and you'll get there!

My weight can vary as much as 2kg from day to day and can increase up to 3kg from morning to evening. I keep a weight log every day which is all over the place but the general trend over time is definitely downwards.

The key is not being disheartened by temporary fluctuations...

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