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W8R3 - slow and steady again!


Brain: Oh THERE you are, dammit.

Knees: Hmmm?...

Thigh: She didn’t know you were there on Thursday and now she’s peeved you’re back.

Knees: It’s not my fault. I’m trying to deal with all you lot above me and just letting her know if she keeps this pain s**t up I’m gonna hurt her.

Calves: Yeah! You tell her, Knees!!!

So I guess upping the intensity of my swim session yesterday with kicking sets wasn’t such a great idea. But there you go - live and learn and I am still new to this ‘athlete’ lark after all.

Fortunately the aches subsided as I kept running along at the park this morning - so I knew it was all DOMS and nothing too serious.

This time I got further, and closer to my full lap of the park. Outer field first, then downhill across the lawn past the old estate house and around the pond/lake at the lowest point. I’m honestly amazed at how far I can go these days with my old gal’s shuffle!! It was a slow one today, but that doesn’t matter. I finished in better shape than Tuesday evening anyway!!! Week 9 here I come 😁

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Slow and steady is the way to go. Especially in this weather. Well done, another week completed, just one to go.

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Thanks Jay!


Yes Equi-geek! Good on you! W9! We are shuffling well! 😁❤️

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