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Nearly there

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Week9:1 completed and only 3 days after my last run. The thing I’m most pleased with is my recovery time. When I first started my recovery time was awful needed to wait nearly a week before I could move into next run! Can’t wait to do last two runs, something else I never thought I would say. I am now in the process of making a play list as I think upbeat music of my favourites will really help me. I am getting the bug and although I started this challenge thinking I would complete it (eventually) and then move onto next different exercise I’m beginning to think I will want to carry in running.

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Very, very well done you!

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NotjustjaniceGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you

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We are at the same stage and feel the same

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We're on the same timetable, I've just finished my w9r1 and in the words of James Brown... "I feel good". Not physically and I look a mess but it does feel good. 😀 good luck with R2

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