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So chuffed to have completed and feel like I had more to give!!!! After W4, I can honestly say I didn’t think that would be the case....struggled with all 3 of last weeks runs!!!! Looking forward to Wednesday 😀😀

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Very well done..slow, steady and relax😊

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Kris_NewGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks 👍🏻

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Well done 👍🏻 And continue to look forward to your next runs because you now know that even when you struggled you persevered and progressed - you can do it! 🙂

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Kris_NewGraduate in reply to Shazamie

😊 thank you

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Well done you are doing great! I remember week 5 and thinking that I would never be able to do that but following the program really works! Each week your body gets stronger, each run prepares you for next one! When I first started I thought I would always struggle to force myself out and I’d hate it but do it to try to get fitter and healthier. It’s was around week 5 that I caught the Running bug and discovered that actually I loved running!

Sounds to me like you might find yourself loving it too! Have a great run Wednesday 😁 and well done again!

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Thanks Laineydglm, you may be right about the running bug....still buzzing from last nights run 😃

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LaineydglmGraduate in reply to Kris_New

I know the feeling!😁 when I’ve been running a while I still think WOW I can’t believe I’m running lol and it makes me feel such a buzz! Can’t help but fall in love with that feeling!

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Hi, I would go into W5 and see how you go! Like you, im unsure how W5R3 will go, but I will repeat if I can’t complete the run. I’m not bothered if it takes me longer than 9 weeks to complete a 5k run, just as long as I do finally achieve it!!!

Well done on getting so far, we can do it!!! 😃😃

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Thanks for your reply, I went to edit my comment and deleted it by mistake (senior moment or just the heat I’m not sure)

I am doing my sessions on a treadmill and my husband says the smile and expression of pride on my face after I complete each run, means I must keep pushing myself.

Sounds like Bob the Builder, Can We Do It, Yes we can!!

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Week 4 was my killer week. Week 5 much better. You’ve got this. 💪

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Kris_NewGraduate in reply to Dralimc

Thanks Dralimc 😊

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That’s brilliant Kris! Well done you with more gas in the tank too! 😁❤️

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It felt great....can’t wait to get out there tomorrow!!! 😃

Thanks 👍

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