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Come unstuck!


Hi all,

Well I graduated 2 weeks ago and have been running 3 x a week since but am still no where near 5k. I have upped my speed aswell. I am reaching approx 4.3k before I really start to feel it and this will take about 35-40 minutes. Will I ever reach 5k?

I have registered for a 5k run on 8th July and have started to get abit worried. Any advice on how to build my distance up now I know I can run for 30 mins?

Thank you

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You have one weekend before and the weekend of the 5k.

This weekend I would run 10% more than your longest run so far. Runs early next week stick to your normal distance.

Next weekend at the 5k I would run another 10% on top of this weekend’s duration. That should get you close to the finish. Then see how you feel, jog/walk to the end if need be.

If this is too much running, don’t be afraid to walk. There is no shame in walking.

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So we’re back to - if I have four baths & it takes 8 men to fill them with 89 gallons of water - how many camels have I got??? 😂😂😂😉

Hi kazzy, you can run 5k, it will most likely take you about 43 minutes ( quite normal) which you will manage if you slow down a little and find your happy pace.

Two weeks after Graduation, you are still a very new runner, it takes quite a few weeks to get stronger.

Have a go at finding that comfortable pace, you won't feel the toxic ten so much and you will have more in the tank at the end...

As far as your race goes as Jay says, you can run/walk it, others will be, and its also possible you will get an extra boost running with others.

Do factor in this hot weather though and maybe lower your expectations a tad.😊xx

As above. Definitely slow down. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes.

☝️All of the above plus don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Walk when you need to. Good luck I’m sure you’ll do great. 😊

Aah thanks all. Great advice, very much taken on board. I do put too much pressure on myself. It's always been all or nothing with me which is why I've given up at so many 'fads'. I actually enjoy this and don't want to give up or give in. I have a very narcissistic nature and I need to learn to slow down, stop comparing myself to others and make it a hobby, not a competition. I'll give myself a talking to now lol. Thanks all, happy running xx

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Remember your race is with you.

You know nothing of the history/experience of those around you (there was a very pertinent post on this on this forum earlier today from LoungeLizaard) and you don’t know what you will become capable of.

Most important thing is to enjoy it. Less pressure usually leads to more enjoyment.


I’ve just graduated & I’m nowhere near 5k either! Can’t offer any advice I’m afraid - just empathy! I do think you are very brave to sign up for a park run - I honestly don’t think they mind if you walk some of it. You’ll be great.


Have you read the guide to post C25k running which explains that you should not be attempting to get faster on every run.

Speed requires strength. Strength comes from miles on your legs. There is no rush and your pace is your pace and you should be proud of it.

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