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Week 5 completed very slowly.


Yay! Week 5 completed by myself and my canine companion Jet.

Run 1 went fine.

Run 2, two lots of 8 minutes was not great. It was a warm evening. The first minute of the first run was agony on the knees for some reason (I've had this before- not sure why) but I kept going and the knees became OK. The last 30 seconds of the second run was really hard, I nearly stopped. My canine companion took the cool down walk as an opportunity to go and jump in the local lake. I arrived home, red in the face and melting with my canine companion dripping and covered in duckweed. Unfortunately we had a visitor - my other half's boss, who immediately shook my sweaty hand.

Strangely run 3 went fine.

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Well done. The first big landmark run out of the way.

W6 starts harder than it seem so take it steady.

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