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Life after 60 on the run!

Hi everyone! Recently turned 60 and have not run since I was at school in the 70's. Gradually I put on almost 20 kilos. I am pleasantly surprised with how I have come along in the past 8 weeks and lost 4 kilos in the process without conscious dieting. I have also noticed that I am less inclined to eat junk food as I feel much better about myself.

I'm just about to start week 9, albeit on a treadmill on which I run a steady pace of 5 mph (I will start going outdoors soon as my confidence builds). According to the treadmill, I did a total of 4.5k for the 28 minute jog and the additional 5 minute brisk walk at both ends 38 mins in total. This whole experience is even even more pleasing as I had an operation to cut away some torn knee cartilage 8 months ago (degenerative knees apparently). I also work horrible shifts, where I either wake up at 2 am or finish work at 2 am every other week, but I always seem motivated to find time to do my jog/run.

Just a footnote: Even though I jogged yesterday, I want to start week 9 today, but I will adhere to the one day rest in between as I do not want to fail the run.

Good luck everyone!


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Well done! It’s an amazing plan isn’t it! 😃


Yes it is. I think my focus after this week is to gradually speed up to actually do the 5k in 30 mins. So happy!

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I have also noticed I am making healthier food choices. This started off as a conscious decision to try and loose weight as I completed the program but now I choose to eat better because I know it will impact on how I feel during the runs. I’ve lost 16lbs so far. I also always find time for the runs despite the fact that before starting I always said I had no time to exercise!😉

Really well done with your progress so far, glad your knee is holding up. Good luck with week 9! 👍


Thank you! I'm keen to keep this as a lifestyle choice.


Well done, there are quite a few of us Oldies on the programme. I think 60 is an age when you think about your life and health.

Enjoy week 9 and your up and coming graduation


Thank you Dexy! Just finished week 9 run 1. Felt good!


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